qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_triadic_abstractclass module

class qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_triadic_abstractclass.QSR_Triadic_1t_Abstractclass[source]

Bases: qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_triadic_abstractclass.QSR_Triadic_Abstractclass

Special case abstract class of triadic QSRs. Works with triadic QSRs that require data over one timestamp.

make_world_qsr_trace(world_trace, timestamps, qsr_params, req_params, **kwargs)[source]

Compute the world QSR trace from the arguments.

  • world_trace (World_Trace) – Input data.
  • timestamps (list) – List of sorted timestamps of world_trace.
  • qsr_params (dict) – QSR specific parameters passed in dynamic_args.
  • req_params (dict) – Request parameters.
  • kwargs – kwargs arguments.

Computed world QSR trace.

Return type:


class qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_triadic_abstractclass.QSR_Triadic_Abstractclass[source]

Bases: qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_abstractclass.QSR_Abstractclass

Abstract class of triadic QSRs, i.e. QSRs that are computed over three objects.