qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_arg_relations_abstractclass module

class qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_arg_relations_abstractclass.QSR_Arg_Relations_Abstractclass[source]

Bases: qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_dyadic_abstractclass.QSR_Dyadic_1t_Abstractclass

Abstract class of argument relations.

all_possible_values = None

tuple: List of distance thresholds from qsr_relations_and_values, corresponding to the order of self._all_possible_relations.

allowed_value_types = None

tuple: Allowed types of the thresholds.

qsr_relations_and_values = None

dict: Holds the passed qsr_relations_and_values dict in dynamic_args.

value_sort_key = None

type depends on implementation: The method that the QSR labels are sorted based on their values.