qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_arg_relations_distance module

class qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_arg_relations_distance.QSR_Arg_Relations_Distance[source]

Bases: qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_arg_relations_abstractclass.QSR_Arg_Relations_Abstractclass

Argument distance relations.


The relations are defined on the intervals of distance thresholds [dk, dk+1).

Values of the abstract properties
  • _unique_id = “argd”
  • _all_possible_relations = depends on what user has passed
  • _dtype = “points”
QSR specific dynamic_args
  • ‘qsr_relations_and_values’: A dictionary with keys being the relations labels and values the distance thresholds as an int or a float.

See also

For further details, refer to its description.

allowed_value_types = None

tuple: distance thresholds can only be int or float

value_sort_key = None

operator.itemgetter: Sort keys/values by threshold value.