qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_rcc3_rectangle_bounding_boxes_2d module

class qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_rcc3_rectangle_bounding_boxes_2d.QSR_RCC3_Rectangle_Bounding_Boxes_2D[source]

Bases: qsrlib_qsrs.qsr_rcc_abstractclass.QSR_RCC_Abstractclass

Symmetrical RCC5 relations.


RCC3 relations symbols are under consideration and might change in the near future.

Values of the abstract properties
  • _unique_id = “rcc3”
  • _all_possible_relations = (“dc”, “po”, “o”)
  • _dtype = “bounding_boxes_2d”
QSR specific dynamic_args
  • ‘quantisation_factor’ (float) = 0.0: Threshold that determines whether two rectangle regions are disconnected.

See also

For further details about RCC3, refer to its description.